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    Nests available

    We provide homes for hardworking families and individuals; no banks, no loans, no hassle.

    The Nesting Way

    Rest Nest Custom Homes makes it possible for you to sell your home, solve any difficult situation, and do it all hassle.

    Traditional Selling Process

    • Offers subject to extensive repairs and/or cleanup.
    • Long process that may take 60 or more days to receive credible offers.

    • Money out for repairs and cleanup, having to deal with multiple showings and open houses.
    • Standard fee of 6% of purchase price, plus other fees.
    • Low or no flexibility to move out date.

    • Lots of stressful paperwork.

    • Quick, no strings offers for free.

    • Fair offer generated from fact-based analysis, paired with our goal of modest profits.
    • Sell AS-IS, and we'll handle the headaches; cleanup, repairs, etc....

    • No standard fees ever!!!!

    • Close and move at your own pace, up to 60 days.
    • We take on the fun task of complex paperwork so you don't have to.

    Other Real Estate Investors

    • Wait days or sometimes weeks for a low offer.
    • Low offers based off of 'iffy' data, looking for maximum profits using high pressure sales tactics.
    • Extended contingencies, LOW dollar deposits, and a high risk of backing out.

    • Unpredictable fees, no peace of mind.

    • Low or no flexibility to move out date.

    • Lots of stressful paperwork.

    Not your Average Homebuyer

    We make you money through lucrative referral programs, inviting the local community to participate in marketing campaigns.

    We provide housing for hard-working families and individuals, without the hassle of banks, credit checks, and no lengthy invasive financing applications. Here at Rest Nest Custom Homes we want to make sure that those of us who are experiencing or have experienced financial difficulties still have a shot at resting comfortably in a home.

    Situations we Specialize in

    Rest Nest Custom Homes has several programs that can help sellers and buyers alike.

    Sellers who are experiencing:

    • Financial distress (Medical Bills, etc...).
    • Unwanted or costly inherited properties.
    • Exhausted Landlords/Bad Tenants.
    • Relocations for any reason.
    • Property needs major repairs/updates.
    • Unexpected life events (laid off, etc....).
    • Structural damage or natural disasters.

    Buyers who are experiencing:

    • Bankruptcy (Current or in the past).
    • Bad credit, no credit or in credit recovery.
    • Problems with debt to income ratio.
    • Problems with work history or self-employed.
    • Tax problems.